Make your Weekends Boozy with Beer Floats

Make your Weekends Boozy with Beer Floats

Who said Beer and Ice Cream can’t become a delicious combination? As it turns out, you can make different kinds of incredible, yummy tasting flavour combinations of different types of beer and flavors of ice cream. If you can mix Coke and Ice Cream, and get a delicious Coke Float; why can’t you mix Beer and Ice Cream and get an even more delicious Beer Float? A beer float is simply an adult twist on the classic coke float dessert.


The alcoholic version is bitterer than the family-friendly version but the ice cream balances the slight edge smoothly - as long as you mix it with the correct brew.


Stout Beers

Darker beers will work really well with a diversity of ice cream flavours. They offer a strong flavour in contrast to the creaminess of the ice cream. Due to its heavy nature, dark beers aren’t usually the type to be paired with dinnert but the dark approach is perfect for a post-dinner dessert cocktail. The flavours that can usually be paired with Stout beers are coffee, caramel or chocolate chip. Guiness is a perfect example for Stout Beer Float.


IPAs (India Pale Ales)

IPAs or India Pale Ales are a strong hoppy flavour with either a slight bitter taste or an extremely bitter taste. The best type of ice cream that can be paired with them is a vanilla ice cream or a fruity sorbet. Mixing a strong chocolate flavoured ice cream can depress the beer and create an unpleasent sour flavour.


Summer Ales

Summer Ales usually contain bright and fresh citrus flavours which would pair well with exotic flavours like coconut or key lime pie or even lemon sherbet. It can also be mixed with lemon flavoured candies to give it that extra cirtusy tast.



Since rich stout beers can be slightly strong which may leave a weird aftertaste - for people who aren’t a huge fan of stout, Lager beer is a solution. They make great partners for super chocolatey flavours. Because a lager is lighter than a stout, it compliments the sweet taste of chocolate ice cream very well.

| Beerbuck Team

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