The Story of Bira!


The Story of Bira!

Craft Beer entered in India through Bira91. A simple business model and brilliant brain would leave us all inspired by the amazing success story. It was a time to introduce a brand that would resemble the young urban population with key factors in mind such as taste, quality and flavor.

The Crafty Idea

Bira91, the beer with a Belgian heart took over in the market which was dominated by Kingfisher and Hayward’s.  A crowd full of millennial customers wanted a change of taste and Bira was the one found.
Bira 91 was officially launched in February 2015 with catchy and quirky packaging. Craft beer is made in a traditional or non- mechanized way by a small brewery.
The evolution of Bira started back in 2009, Ankur jain the brain behind the brewery imported and distributed beer brands from Belgium, Germany. Bira91 formerly started in the name of Cerena beverages. Before getting into market Jain studied the beer craft market by frequently visiting Europe and choosing the best that would suit the Indian Market.

 A beer that is Healthier than Milk
Bira was launched in 2015, Jain’s keen observation over beer industry in India proved to be the key to success for his brand. Based on factors and stats his choice of selection in craft beers was clever. His recent launch of low fat calorie beer is the lowest alcoholic beverage in the bar. Lower than the champagnes, Breezers, wine heck, it’s even lowers than a glass of milk.

The Design and the Brand
The brand name, image of the mascot and branding exercise took an efforts of 9 months. Initially the name ‘Biru’ was a generic name for beer in Japan, but due to copyright issues the name was changed to ‘Bira’. Also the idea behind ‘Bira’ was to present India in the most modern and contemporary manner. The initial success of Bira can be credited to the design of the product.

Light or Strong
Bira91 Strong is the first high intensity beer based on wheat. About 7 % by volume and beer fermented in ale gives a rich and unique taste that is low on bitterness, high on caramel and honey. The Bira91 have surely raised the bar almost around $22 million so far.

Say Cheers!
Till last year, Bira91 was available in Bira White Ale & Bira Blonde Lager. Lately there’s an addition of two variant beers Bira Strong and Bira Light. Jain believes to capture 10 to 15 percent of the market value over 10 years.

| Beerbuck Team

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