4 Insanely Fun Drinking Games You Can Play With Your Friends

4 Insanely Fun Drinking Games You Can Play With Your Friends

Beer games are a progression of drinking diversion that includes drinking crazy measures of brew and having a huge amount of fun. All you require is two or three group of people, some Solo glasses, and a ton of beer. At the point when the game ends, the winning team gets a point, and winning this game may be additionally fulfilling then a gold award.


Here are some drinking games to highlight at your next beer parties:

  1. Beer Pong

Starting off with the most surely understood drinking game, beer pong. You require two groups, solo glasses set up in triangles, and ping pong balls. Fill each glass with 1/3 beer and alternate attempting to arrive the ping pong balls in the other group's performance containers. If you get your ball in the other team’s cup, they drink.

  1. Flip Cup

In Flip Cup, your most critical player is the ringer. This is a decent game for that individual who dependably overlooks the pong balls. Set up a line of mugs and make a group. The main group to flip over their cups first wins.

  1. Quarters

Quarters is a drinking diversion that includes two players skipping a quarter off the table with the expectation that it arrives in a shot glass. The player who is bouncing the quarter is the "shooter." If the "shooter" gets the quarter in the glass, their adversary has to take a shot.

  1. Never Have I Ever

The vast majority of you have likely played this game at an eight grade sleepover, the distinction is that as opposed to putting down a finger, you take a shot. Somebody in the team says something that they haven't done, in the event that you have done what they say, take a drink. When you have put down the all your fingers, you are out of the game.


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