Frozen Delights: Nitrogen Frozen Desserts Are The Burning Hot Gourmet Dishes Now!


Frozen Delights: Nitrogen Frozen Desserts Are The Burning Hot Gourmet Dishes Now!

Gone are the days when the sight of simple desserts used to make our mouth water! The nitrogen frozen desserts—or ice creams made with liquid nitrogen—are fast becoming a favourite with dessert lovers and how! This unique dessert trend, which was introduced approximately two years ago in the West, became an instant hit; and now is quickly gaining immense popularity in India, too, where more than half of the population comes in the millennials bracket.

 When nitrogen gas liquefies at extremely low temperature; i.e. -196°C, it produces a colourless odourless liquid that is liquid nitrogen. The process, which is seemingly innovative, has received a warm reception, with ice-cream enthusiasts gearing up for something new to get a taste of the icy new concoction.

 One of the best benefits of liquid nitrogen is that the flavours can be customised with fresh ingredients on the spot and it does not require artificial colouring or preservatives that is generally used during the preparation of ice-cream.

 When ice cream is made with liquid nitrogen, the ingredients, the bowl used for preparation and the maker are shrouded in a vaporous fog, which is actually just condensation produced when the liquid nitrogen comes in contact with the much warmer air. And when it’s eaten, a smoky vapour comes out of the mouth; as if the person has eaten fire!

 And more importantly, people love trying new things! So now it’s the time not for something smoky and hot but smoky and frozen!


| Beerbuck Team

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