5 Reasons Why Beer Yoga Is A New Trend Now

5 Reasons Why Beer Yoga Is A New Trend Now

Beer-yoga is something that is slowly but surely becoming the ‘IT’ thing. It’s okay if you aren’t aware of it. Even when I heard about it for the first time, my naïve mind thought it has got to do with asanas resembling the poses of drinking beer. Only later did I realize it actually refers to drinking beer while doing yoga! As weird and crazy as it sounds, here are, however, 5 reasons beer yoga is certainly trending right now:

  • It’s a unique concept. Started in Germany, it went to become popular in Australia, UK and other western parts and subsequently even in Asian counterparts; and continues to trend in the parts where it already is in practice, while also gaining momentum in the areas where it isn’t. Who could have thought that this crazy combination of beer and yoga would be such a huge hit!
  • It makes you do yoga. Even those who don’t do yoga will surely go for this kind of yoga where you get to drink and exercise at the same time! And the aim of both is achieved: to relieve you of stress and anxiety!
  • It’s fun! The fact that you are getting to drink and do yoga at the same time is as much a fun as it sounds whacky! And some people, who aren’t actually that keen on yoga, will go for it purely for the love of drink!
  • It’s immensely gaining popularity, with many yoga centres adopting the concept not only for promoting yoga among people, but also for making the experience as that of fun and to ultimately have a calming effect on the mind and body—the common goal for both!
  • Its making waves in our country with metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai hosting various beer yoga sessions which have an impressive turnout!

So if you love beer but want to lose those flabs then what better way to do it than beer-yoga! Where workout becomes fun!

| Beerbuck Team

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