Why Beer Is Getting More Popular Among Women

Why Beer Is Getting More Popular Among Women

As compared to Europe and the Americas, India is a conservative country, and we are also a tropical country with a warm climate, which is why beer has not been traditionally consumed since many centuries here as even our culture does not promote that. But times have been changing, and today not just the men, even women are seen with a glass of beer in their hand.

                There are many reasons why this change is happening. Increased globalization coupled with India being a fastest growing economy has increased the job and career opportunities for women. Thus, more women are joining the workforce and are becoming financially independent, capable of fulfilling their own needs, expenses, and enjoyment.

                On the other hand, many of the foreign beer brands have made their way into India in the recent years and are turning out to be quite a success. All of this has encouraged more beer cafes to open their outlets. Women are finding safe to come here and have a drink or two, sometimes even in the company of their male friends.

                Driving this change is the young generation. Today, not just in the metro cities, but also the tier-2 and tier-3 are witnessing increased participation of women in beer drinking. Some of the favourite beers of the women are Kingfisher beer and Flavoured beer varieties. They are also loving beer cocktails.

                As compared to previous generations, the recent generation Indians are becoming more tolerable and accepting to change. Even the college going girls of the big cities have embraced beer, thanks to their male company and the financial spending of their parents. Even the ban of alcohol advertisements in India has not deterred the rise of beer among women.

                According to some studies, alcopops, vodka and cocktail beers are favourite among women. Indian females are increasingly turning Experimental. Their exposure to hectic work lifestyle, need to try out different things and take new experiences have contributed for women to turn to beer. The experience of beer festivals across the country are changing the mindsets of women.

                In all, this is a welcome change as women are now equalling men even in this field and are confident to live their life. This trend of women with beer is only going to increase and become common in the coming years.

| Beerbuck Team

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