7 Best Imported Beers In India

 7 Best Imported Beers In India

                Beer lovers can be classified into two types, one who is happy in drinking any brand and flavour of the beer, while another type who are conscious of the type, brand of beer. Some of them love to try out different beers, especially the imported ones, and are constantly on the lookout for new beers. Have you tried some of the following imported beers yet?

  • Leffe:

With a 700-year old history, the recipe for this beer has remained the same. This Belgian blonde beer has a spicy aftertaste and you will find it as good as the first time even after many glasses.

  • Delirium Tremens:

It is the most popular and successful beer of Huyghe Brewery of Belgium. Having distinct cartoon pink elephants and bottles, it has a fruity aroma and sweet taste. It was the ‘Best Beer in the World’ in 2008.

  • Hoegaarden:

Named after a village of the same name, it has hints of citrus and apple along with wheat and spice throughout. A pleasant and sweet smell, the wheat flavours mingle with citrus and honey to give a long lasting residual feeling.

  • Desperados:

It was originally produced by the French brewing company but now by Karlovacko brewery. It is the first of its kind having added Tequila and 5.9% alcohol rating.

  • Franconia:

It is a lovely dark lager with roots in Germany and dating back to the 18th century. Having a Franconia will most likely get you drunk and you won’t regret it later. The hangover will be worth it.

  • Praga:

This beauty is from the Czech Republic and has a tradition which is over 200 years. The taste, smell, and the aftertaste are such that it will surely become your ‘love at first sip’ story which you will be proud to share it with others.

  • Baltika No. 7:

The brewery might be founded as recent as 1990, but it has quickly become Russia’s largest brewery and the largest exporter to the USA. The aroma and taste have been compared to most of Europe’s biggest Lagers. It is affordable and yet of fine quality, thus becoming popular among young drinkers.

| Beerbuck Team

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