7 Reasons Why Crafted Beer Is In Demand

7 reasons why Crafted Beer is in demand

As time goes on, things change; so does people’s tastes and interests. Up until a decade ago, the Craft beer industry was hardly known to anyone. But now, it has started to flourish. The beer made by a craft brewery has come into demand now. Nothing happens without reasons, so let’s probe about why more people are consuming craft beer.

  1. Fewer bathroom trips.

That’s because craft beer has more of % abv in it than the normal beer varieties. Comparatively, if you have one jar of craft beer, it is equivalent to about 3-4 jars or normal beer. Thus, less quantity in you, fewer instances of bathroom trips.

  1. Better taste.

This is the biggest reason why craft beer has become so popular now. The makers of craft beer spend more of their time focussing on the quality of the beer than other things. They also put lots of other ingredients in it.

Yes, the rates of craft beer are lower as compared to the usual ‘beer water’. For the same quantity of beer of both types, you end up paying anything between half to even three times less, even the beer on tap source.

  1. More alcohol.

As said in the first point above, craft beer has more of alcohol in it than the supposed big branded beer water, which is around 2.5% abv. The usual range of craft beer is 5-10% abv, some of which can also reach up to 40% abv too.

Because the craft breweries focus more on the quality of their beer and try to enhance it by using many flavors and ingredients, it has more variety in tastes etc. than the regular watery beer; even more than the flavored beer.

  1. Health benefits.

This is absolutely true! Research has shown that craft beer has more health benefits than even red wine. It has more nutrients, soluble fiber, antioxidants, vitamin B and silicon too. One amazing reason to drink it more.

  1. Fewer calories.

This point is in a way different. The crafted beer has more calories than a regular one, but as it is strong, you will end up having less of it in a drinking session than the regular one. Thus, comparatively, in a session, you will have few calories from craft beer than the usual watery beer.

| Beerbuck Team

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