10 Rules For Great Wine And Food Pairing

           Most people usually love to have food along with wine. But not every time are they satisfied after eating to their heart’s content. That is because sometimes the combination of the tastes of food and wines doesn’t gel well. To get that right, there are certain rules to be followed which are as follows:

  1. Considering Acid balance.

This you have to do when comparing wine with food. If the food is high in acid, choose a light citrusy acidic white wine.

  1. Tannins need fats.

Tannin is a component of wine which adds bitterness as well as complexity. If the food is high in fats, tannins are needed to balance out that.

  1. Salt and acidity pairing.

The acidity of the wine contrasts the salty food. Do consider this point while making the wine and food combinations.

  1. Earthy needs Earthy.

Wines with Earthy flavour taste great when they are paired   ;with foods that have earthy ingredients, for e.g. Mushrooms.

  1. Match textures and Flavours.

This is a very simple and effective way to pair food and wines. With this, pair flavour wines with flavour food, rich food with rich wines. Similar qualities complement each other.

  1. Salt and sweet.

This will be a very much delicious contrast of pairing. It will make the food feel less salty and the wine feels less sweet. One of the perfect balancing act.

  1. Charred food and Oak.

Wines that have been aged on Oak have a perfect balance in charred or grilled food. This food type will bring the fruit flavour of it.

  1. Success with Spice.

Selecting wine with a spicy dish can be tricky. The best bet is to pair them with a slightly sweet wine. The heat of the dish will be tamed by the wine.

  1. Think Locally.

If you are serving food of a particular region, it is best to pair it with the wine of that region, because they were meant to go together.

  1. Rules were made to be broken.

It is not 100% compulsory that rules need to be followed because then you won’t be able to experiment and won’t discover new flavours and combinations which can become a hit. Do try out new pairings on your own an

| Beerbuck Team

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