7 Low Calorie Wines You Actually Want To Drink

Low Calories Wines

Wines have long been associated along with beer as a taboo concept in India. But in recent times, the winds are changing. The number of people tasting and enjoying wines is increasing. But some people still don’t, only to avoid any more calorie consumption. But few know that there are Wines low in calories which are absolutely okay for everyone to have. They are.

  1. Cool harvest from Jacob’s creek

This range of wines has a lower abv from early picked grapes. These are harvested at night. The wines in this range are Sauvignon Blanc, Vermentino and Shiraz rose which have an abv between 10.5-9.5%.

  1. 5% abv wine based drinks

As the name suggests, these wines have very less calorie count, about 50 calories for only 100 ml servings. But since the abv level is below 8.5%, it can’t be properly called as wine, but just as ‘reduced alcohol wine-based drinks’.

  1. The Skinny vine

This wine is just recently launched to appeal the calorie conscious people and it already has the backing of celebrity nutritionists. It has only 95 calories per serving of 148ml. The range has Thin Zin (7.5% abv), Mini Moscato (7.3% abv) and Slim Chardonnay (8.5% abv).

  1. Dia wine from Sula

This is a famous variety coming out of the Sula vineyards. Primarily made for women, it has 2 types, white and red. It is truly light, sweet and amazing to have.

  1. Torres Natureo

The Spanish winemaker, Natureo launched it way back in 2008. Although it is not strictly called as wine, but with only 0.5% abv, it has very less calories, just 20 for a glass serving. It has a white, red and a rose flavoured variety.

  1. Sula Brut Sparkling wine

It is a complex blend of many different types as it is crafted from six varieties of grapes. The result is just mind blowing to say the least.

  1. Skinnygirl wine

This wine has been made since the year 2009 and has become very much popular. Per 148ml of serving, they have just 100 calories.


It is so true that ‘where there is a will, there is a way’. If you want to have wines, but are restricted by the consumption of calories, above are the examples that you can still enjoy wines regularly. At Beerbuck, low calorie wines are absolutely available, especially from the Sula wineyards.

| Beerbuck Team

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7 Low Calorie Wines You Actually Want To Drink