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Beer Myths: DEBUNKED!

 nehanaik  2018-07-31


The beer industry has gained tremendous momentum in the past 10 years. Today’s beer drinkers demand more than just the normal yellow beer from breweries. As the beer industry has been growing along with the beer fans, they are well informed and have a more developed taste and liking. However, there are many inescapable myths and misconceptions about beer out there that refuse to go Read More

Make your Weekends Boozy with Beer Floats

 nehanaik  2018-07-19

Make your Weekends Boozy with Beer Floats

Who said Beer and Ice Cream can’t become a delicious combination? As it turns out, you can make different kinds of incredible, yummy tasting flavour combinations of different types of beer and flavors of ice cream. If you can mix Coke and Ice Cream, and get a delicious Coke Float; why can’t you mix Beer and Ice Cream and get an even more delicious Beer Float? A be Read More

The Story of Bira!

 Aksh38  2018-07-10


The Story of Bira!

Craft Beer entered in India through Bira91. A simple business model and brilliant brain would leave us all inspired by the amazing success story. It was a time to introduce a brand that would resemble the young urban population with key factors in mind such as taste, quality and flavor.

The Crafty Idea

Bira91, the beer with a Belgian h Read More